Streamlined and New theme

I’m SO happy with the new theme WordPress 2017!  It’s just what I wanted in a website.  I was so discouraged with the mechanics of my site, that I stopped blogging.  With the new look, maybe now I will get back at it!

Things to do list is long: first

  1. I need to get my artists statement updated.
  2. Get social sharing links established.
  3. Then update my galleries.
  4. I need to remove all the old prices.
  5. Put up a generic price list .

Hoping all that does not take me long.

Revamping the site

Mistakes mistakes, oh the pain!

Since I moved my site to godaddy I’ve found  out the hard way that their servers are painfully slow.  Much of my theme formatting, especially my extensive gallery, broke in the move as well.  In order to try to make the site more user friendly I’ve deleted all the news posts.  I have saved the site on a free wordpress site, which believe it or not is a LOT faster. 

To compound matters, I let my old website photographerpainterprintmaker dot com go back to the domain thieves.   You guessed it, someone grabbed it and has posted a static page of my work there in hopes I will pay them a gazillion dollars to buy the site back.  Lessons learned too late.

You may see my temporary blog here: